‘Terroir by Truck’ from the Fledge & Company

‘Terroir by Truck’ from the Fledge & Company

Leon Coetzee is a storyteller, devoted husband, self-taught winemaker and lover of rock music. He plays a pretty mean “air” drum set that could be frightening to see in traffic but reveals an intensely passionate man with a wry sense of humour.

Along with his 7th Generation (or 8th - as her Gran always used to say 7th and then after a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, it'd be 8th. ) winemaker wife, Margaux Nel, of the Nel’s of Boplaas in Calitzdorp dynasty, Leon has built The Fledge & Company into a wine brand that hunts down specific terroirs for specific wine. Handcrafting “old school” wines of integrity, unfaltering quality, defying perceptions of origin and being guided solely by the vine to showcase their passion, The Fledge & Company is what happens when you need to forge a path mostly in the unknown, eschewing commonplace convention and taking that first defiant flight from the nest.

Here at Susan Stanleys Fine Wines, we are proud to partner with The Fledge & Company in offering you some of their fine wines, focusing on just two that we still have in stock:

The Fledge & Company Cool Climate Pinot Noir 2018 offers ripe cherry, cranberry, strawberry compote & exotic spice intertwined with Black Tea, forest floor & hints of rosehip, all cloistered by ripe tannin, oak spice & savoury finish.

The Fledge & Company Red Blend: Syrah & Pinot Noir 2019 offers a seamless Ying & Yang marriage of Pinot’s tart red berry, exotic spice ‘n supple tannins, with Syrah’s darker fruit, savoury & gamey flavours reigned in with subtle oak spice, zippy cool climate acidity & savoury finish begging you to come back for another sip.

Find out about why Leon has chosen “Dancing Skeletons” for his label on these two wines as well as what he terms “terroir by truck” in this interview with Brand Ambassador, Guy McDonald

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