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De Bruyn

De Bruyn Balance Classique 2019 per Case

De Bruyn Balance Classique 2019 per Case

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Discover the refined elegance of the Jaco De Bruyn Blend, where every sip embodies perfect harmony. This exquisite blend features only the finest varietals, each chosen for its unique contribution to a truly balanced and compelling profile. Celebrated for its regal complexity, the De Bruyn Cabernet Sauvignon introduces robust leather notes and deep, dark fruits, enhanced by a refreshing hint of mint. These flavours gracefully dance with the spirited character of Cabernet Franc, adding vibrant layers to the palate.

To soften and enrich this ensemble, a touch of Merlot is masterfully woven into the mix, smoothing out the experience with its silky, velvety finish. This careful integration results in a delightful dryness that lingers, offering depth and a fresh vibrancy that speaks to the integrity of the Merlot.

This Limited Edition Jaco De Bruyn Blend stands apart as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Each grape is hand-selected from the vine, ensuring only the most exceptional quality. Hand-harvested and delicately handled from vineyard to cellar, the grapes undergo a rigorous sorting process. In the sanctuary of our cellar, they are fermented using only the finest yeast and aged in superior vessels to foster a marriage of flavours that culminates in this magnificent blend. Experience the pinnacle of winemaking with the Jaco De Bruyn Blend – a symphony of flavours that promises not just a drink, but an encounter with luxury.

Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 61% Cabernet Franc 27% Merlot 12%

Alc. 13.5%

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