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De Bruyn

De Bruyn Balance Classique 2019 2 Bottle Pack per Case

De Bruyn Balance Classique 2019 2 Bottle Pack per Case

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Special 2-bottle pack

When we think of wine, we think of balance and wine balance everything. The Jaco De Bruyn Blend has so much personality, we have used the very best varietals to make up this blend to create something that is balanced.

We all know Cabernet Sauvignon is a royal grape that gives you that beautiful leather notes - deep dark fruit and also that minty-ness that floats with the added touch of Cabernet Franc which is almost like a bit of a running horse with all of its beautiful character blending this all together, then with a touch of Merlot that smoothens it all out at the end and gives you something that is so enjoyable and so balanced.

The Jaco De Bruyn Blend gives you that slight dryness at the end that is so smooth and silky, it gives you depth and a taste of freshness that comes from the Merlot component which gives the wine that integrity. The Jaco De Bruyn Blend is special because it's all about picking the best grapes from the vineyards, the grapes were hand harvested, beautifully handled straight to the cellar where it gets sorted and selected using only the best yeast and vessels to help with that marrying effect to create this amazing blend.

Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 61% Cabernet Franc 27% Merlot 12%

Alc. 13.5%

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