Cape Collective Wines worth Collecting!

Cape Collective Wines worth Collecting!

The Cape Collective is a curated online shop devised by wine marketer Dane Raath and designer Janneman Solms to support small wine businesses. The Wrapper Series, a low-cost solution to labeling, is a collection of imaginative yet well-priced wines. They find gems that are not available everywhere and they offer some incredible exclusives to us here at Susan Stanleys. Currently available in our shop:

Cape Collective Cabernet Franc 2020 for just R199/bottle

Cape Collective Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 for just R199/bottle

Cape Collective Shiraz 2018 for just R100/bottle

Available in limited quantities - the maker of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc wishes to remain anonymous but we can assure you that if he put his names to these wines, they would easily sell at R400 a bottle. 

In this latest video, Brand Ambassador Guy McDonald chats to founders Dane Raath and Janneman Solms. Find out about their most memorable wine tasting experiences and  do they really think as a Collective? The answer may shock you!

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