Fine Wines From Franschhoek
GlenWood is located In the Robertsvlei Valley, close to the village of Franschhoek in the Western Cape. The valley was first proclaimed in the early 1800’s whereafter it was farmed with multiple crops including grapes which were delivered to the local Co-operative for vinification. It was subdivided in 1984 when GlenWood was established on 52ha (128 acres). The valley now comprises four farms and continues to be surrounded by magnificent indigenous flora (“fynbos”) and fauna including the Cape Leopard. The valley is on 33,85 latitude, within the traditional global wine-growing latitude, at 250m altitude and enjoys its own micro-climate. It belongs within the Franschhoek Wine of Origin district.

GlenWood is owned by Alastair Wood who is closely involved in its management with DP Burger, who is the General Manager and Cellar Master. DP belongs to the fourth generation of a widely known and respected Franschhoek family and has been with GlenWood for 31 years, having participated in all aspects of its establishment and growth. Natasha Pretorius is GlenWood’s winemaker who excelled at university and operates under the watchful eye of DP. She has already had her first wines recognised by wine judges.

Forty percent of GlenWood wines are distributed throughout Southern Africa with the balance being exported to the Northern Hemisphere to be marketed and sold by distributors in each country.