We chat to DP Burger of GlenWood Vineyards

We chat to DP Burger of GlenWood Vineyards

There's something very personal that stirred GlenWood Vineyards GM and Cellar master, DP Burger, to pursue wine-making and indeed continues to shape his philosophy. Find out what it is in the interview below. DP belongs to the fourth generation of a widely known and respected Franschhoek family and has been with GlenWood for 31 years, having participated in all aspects of its establishment and growth. Natasha Pretorius is GlenWood’s winemaker who excelled at university and operates under the watchful eye of DP. She has already had her first wines recognised by wine judges.

Its our privilege to represent GlenWood Vineyards with two of their world class wines. Currently available:

GlenWood Grand Duc Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2018

GlenWood Grand Duc Noblesse 2017

Find out more from DP Burger on what you can expect from these two wines as well as he has chosen to partner with us at Susan Stanleys Fine Wines

 For a curated wine experience contact us on www.susanstanleys.com 

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