What's the Buzz about Bezuidenhout Family Wines?

What's the Buzz about Bezuidenhout Family Wines?

There’s a family heritage here that harkens back to the first settlers in the Cape and the first grapes ever grown for wine. To a time of young adventure where risk always outweighed the reward. It’s fascinating to trace your family history and honour it with a continuation of its legacy. Francois Anton Bezuidenhout has achieved this and in this fascinating interview, you will not only learn about the man but also his valuable heritage and how it has shaped his winemaking philosophy.

Francois has been active in the South African wine industry for over 15 years as a winemaker, marketer, manager and producer. Currently, he owns and manages a consulting and brokering firm, Bezuidenhout Family Wines. His own family-wine label, Leenders, has been available in the market since 2018. Leenders wines are made to the style he most enjoys – Southern France. These are story-wines, telling tales of today, yesterday and long-long ago.

Here at Susan Stanleys Fine Wines, we are proud to partner with Francois in offering you two of his five Leenders wines:

The Leenders Baviaan 2020 which is a delicious blend of Chenin Blanc, Roussanne and Grenache Blanc.

The Leenders Sielverkoper Red Blend 2020 combines meaty Syrah, spicy Mourvèdre, red-berry Carignan and light-hearted Grenache noir.

Find out about why Francois chose the names “Baviaan” and “Sielverkoper” as well as his tasting notes. You’ll also discover his favourite grape to grow and most memorable wine tasting experience.

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