Paserene Bright Chardonnay 2021
Paserene Bright Chardonnay 2021

    Paserene Bright Chardonnay 2021

    R 205.00


    4* Platters Wine Guide 

    The Bright is a Chardonnay that shows bright green/gold colour with a bright core, and primary nose aromas of citrus blossom, neroli and yellow peaches. Secondary to that is a savoury sea-spray, almost chalklike, aroma harnessed with a gentle oak inclusion.

    Bright is made by fermenting all the Chardonnay components separately. The grapes were pressed and then transferred to oak barrels where fermentation occurred naturally.

    At our winery, we do not use generic barrels because we want to produce extraordinary results. Our new barrels are seasoned, dry, and are without toasting for up to five years, before being steamed. They are then used for 16 months to make the wine. There is an inherent patience in the making of our wine.

    Martin is a precision winemaker, rarely adding anything to his wines, and he chooses not to filter them. He prides himself on spending the time and effort on exactly what goes into the bottle, to ensure that what comes out is as authentic as possible. When you drink our hand-crafted wine, you are creating a moment in time that will never be forgotten.